One third of global carbon emissions come from the built environment*

Pupil is committed to reducing emissions throughout the real estate transaction chain. Creating a future that works better for people and the planet.

How Pupil spatial data will reduce carbon emissions

The Pupil 3D reconstruction and scene-understanding system takes real-world spaces and makes them digital.

Our technology

Virtual viewing and remote diligence

With our accurate, trusted and insured spatial data, we aim to:

  • Eliminate car journeys in the property insurance diligence process
  • Provide virtual viewing capabilities for banks and mortgage lenders, to evaluate property’s risk remotely
  • Enable virtual shopping for consumers, to ensure furniture and white goods fit and look right, dramatically decreasing returns

Retrofitting residential housing

We’re in discussion with leading industry and government partners to improve the fabric of buildings, so they produce fewer carbon emissions. Our vision is to:

  • Facilitate retrofit data standards
  • Enable off-site precision fabrication and manufacturing of retrofit systems
  • Provide consumers with accurate, realistic visualisations for their future retrofitted property

Energy profiling

We’ve produced research, analysis and recommendations on the reliability of area measurements used to calculate EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) ratings of residential property. We aim to use Pupil spatial data to provide insights and recommendations that will reduce the energy consumption of homes.

Our impact so far

Since launching less than a year ago, our residential product, Spec has delivered over 100,000 virtual tours for over 500 estate agents in London, saving more than 1,000,000 km’s from being driven.

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Pupil Carbon Offset

Pupil is committed to offsetting the carbon footprint that we create, so we work with Offset Earth to plant trees and support projects that impact atmospheric CO2. As we grow, so does the number of trees we plant.

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