Digitising the
world's interiors

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Pupil is a spatial data company. We capture and publish 3D information about real-world interiors. And we do it on an industrial scale.

How do we do this?

Unlocking the built world’s full potential

Our spatial technology is digitising interiors with a level of accuracy and consistency nobody’s seen before. We’re helping make the world a smarter, safer and more sustainable place.

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Our brands

Spec and Stak are powered by Pupil technology.

Inspiring peace of mind for every sales and rental experience

Our first brand, Spec, inspires peace of mind for businesses and consumers in the residential property industry. We do it by partnering with estate agents to deliver property marketing everyone can trust.

Visit: spec.co

A new class of building intelligence

Stak is working with industry-leading commercial asset managers to capture and deliver robust spatial datasets at scale, allowing them to optimise their portfolio and unlock its full potential value.

Visit: stak.co

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