people & spaces

Pupil is a spatial data company. We capture and publish 3D information about real-world interiors. And we do it on an industrial scale.

How do we do this?

Unlocking the built world’s full potential

The built world represents the most valuable class of assets there is – residential real estate alone is four times more valuable than all the listed companies on Earth combined. Thanks to our technology this asset class now has the spatial datasets it needs to fulfill its potential.

That’s because our spatial technology is digitising interiors with a level of accuracy and consistency nobody’s seen before.

The bar has been raised. A new class of data-powered, smarter physical assets has arrived.

We are ambitious pioneers designing for radical global impact

We believe the way people transact, occupy and engage with the built world can be fundamentally improved. And we’re making it happen through the accurate application of spatial datasets.

Spatial Data

Pupil’s mission is to empower people with better data about real-world spaces.

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