Team & Leadership

Since launching, Pupil has grown to a team of over 85 employees, based in central London, and established an advisory board of influential business leaders from around the world.

James D. Marshall


Oliver Breach


David Mullett


Founders James D. Marshall, Oliver Breach and David Mullett bring together diverse backgrounds in business, technology and design to create the ambitious and visionary chemistry that drives the company.

We have assembled a team of advisors to help shape the company’s next steps in growth and scale to maximise impact globally.

These include:

  • Edgar Bronfman Jr. 

    former CEO of

     Warner Music Group

  • Anthony Browne 

    former CEO of

     British Bankers Assocation

  • Jean-Marc Huët 

    former CFO of


  • Sanjay Jain 

    former Head of Technology Banking

     J.P. Morgan

  • Jambu Palaniappan 

    former Head of

     Uber Europe

  • Steve Sacks 

    former CCO of


  • Lord St John of Bletso 

    cross bench Member of

     House of Lords

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