Our technology

We’re creating a 3D reconstruction and scene-understanding system that takes real-world spaces and makes them digital. Hyper accurate. Incredibly robust. Game changing.

Spatial Data Origination

We capture rich, accurate 3D datasets of real-world spaces

Our rigorous and documented reality capture process generates Pupil’s own volumetric and image-based spatial datasets. The complete chain of custody of all of our spatial data delivers value across the property transaction lifecycle and beyond.


Our cloud native architecture processes the Spec and Stak datasets at scale.

Once in the cloud, proprietary computer vision algorithms turn the raw data into millimetre-accurate 3D digital reconstructions of real-world spaces. From there, we can rapidly deliver our rich datasets.

Pupil AI

We’re constructing the largest built-world volumetric datastore there’s ever been.

It puts us in a unique place to leverage cutting-edge advances in machine learning for 3D datasets. And with Pupil AI's scene-understanding system we can automatically learn what’s most important about any space.

Innovate UK is part of UK Research and Innovation, working in partnership with the country’s top universities, research organisations, and companies to maximise benefit of knowledge, talent, and ideas.

Pupil has very innovative and potentially game-changing AI. It’s first-of-a-kind nature makes it doubly attractive to UK PLC.

— Innovate UK

Privacy and Security is at our core

Pupil’s encryption protocols ensure that all of our spatial data is secure throughout our capture and delivery pipeline.

We deploy the highest standards of security at our application layer during every property capture, at the transit layer when data is uploaded to Pupil’s cloud, and at the server layer with Pupil’s AI and engineering systems. This means that our spatial data is secured from falling into the wrong hands.

Built on secure and scalable AWS infrastructure.
Learn more at aws.com

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