Our technology

We’re creating a 3D reconstruction and scene-understanding system that takes real-world spaces and makes them digital. Hyper accurate. Incredibly robust. Game changing.

Spatial Data Origination

We capture rich, accurate 3D datasets of real-world spaces

Our rigorous and documented reality capture process generates Pupil’s own volumetric and image-based spatial datasets. The complete chain of custody of all of our spatial data delivers value across the property transaction lifecycle and beyond.


Our cloud native architecture processes the spatial datasets we capture at scale.

Once in the cloud, proprietary computer vision algorithms turn the raw data into millimetre-accurate 3D digital reconstructions of real-world spaces. From there, we can rapidly deliver our rich datasets.

Pupil Vision

We’re constructing the largest built-world volumetric datastore there’s ever been.

It puts us in a unique place to leverage cutting-edge advances in machine learning for 3D datasets. And with Pupil Vision’s scene-understanding system we can automatically learn what’s most important about any space.

Innovation + Impact

Our innovative technology brings physical spaces to life in ways that are having a profound impact on a range of industries. We’re helping make the world a smarter, safer, more sustainable place.

  • Smart cities

    We provide portfolio assessment and remote diligence of verified datasets – for safety, security and energy performance.

  • Home safety

    Thanks to our predictive data analytics and energy profiling, people have deeper insights into home security, safety and energy efficiency.

  • Chain of custody

    The rigorousness of our processes, data architecture and oversight all ensure our assets are securely tagged, processed and traceable.

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